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I worked with Tamara for several years, at first she was my trainer and then co-worker. The 8 week training plan was well organized, informative, and thorough. The manner in which she was prepared showed her diligence and hard work to ensuring I got the best training possible. I don’t feel any one could have done a better job covering the volume of material and the complexities of the job. She was patient and attentive to my understanding, giving me the ability and confidence to hit the floor running.

Outside the classroom, Tamara would regularly lend a helping hand to whoever needed it. She voluntarily took on extra responsibilities in addition to her fair share of the work load. Tasks at times the rest of the team took for granted. She was truly the pillar of our team and the driving force in our success. If you have the opportunity to work with Tamara in any capacity I’m certain that you will come to appreciate all the traits that I’ve come to appreciate about her.  She is truly a superstar, excelling at anything she puts her mind to and bringing others with her.



Chad Brown

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